Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit

This is the Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit. Read the documentation to learn about all the functionalities of this device:

Bellow are the various featured toolkits we provide: Mapping and Monitoring , Land Based Storytelling and Storing and Sharing files locally. Choose one to start using and diving deep into the toolkit.

We have many channels to offer support, make sure to get in touch with us.

Mapping and Monitoring

Mapping tools are among the most powerful technologies for earth defenders. For that reason we provide several tools, guides and case studies for how to get started with a community mapping project, how to choose the right tools, and how have other earth defender communities used them to protect their territory.

Land-based storytelling

Storytelling is essential for maintaining communities’ cultural identity and their relationship to ancestral landscapes. In many cases these histories are passed down from generation to generation through the spoken word.

Terrastories is a geostorytelling application built to enable communities to locate and map their own oral storytelling traditions about places of significant meaning or value to them.

Local Community Cloud

This Offline Toolkit provides a file management interface that can be used to upload, delete, preview, rename and edit files. It allows the creation of multiple users and every user can create directories on a digital community space.

All user data is open to be viewed and edited by every other user, so be sure to follow some basic guide-lines on using a shared digital space.

Support and Contributing


This is still alpha software, and we're currently collecting early feedback on the usability of the Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit .

Technical support

For help with common technical issues, see the section of the Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit guide. For additional support, please check out the community of active users and maintainers of EDT on our public Discord, Telegram group and online forum.

Support starting a project

Digital Democracy's core team is very small and we have limited capacity to provide direct accompaniment for implementing Earth Defenders Toolkit Offline outside of our existing partnerships. In some cases we are able to offer support. To read more about the way we work with partners and different levels of support, read our partner protocol.