Community Cloud

The shared digital space is communal, like any public space in a community. So be mindful that, besides administrative data, all other content IS PUBLIC. Everyone is responsible for keeping the space safe for everyone to make use of.

Read some guidelines for using the community cloud and learn more by reading the documentation.

Sharing files locally

To share within the local network, select the files or folders you'd like to share, and selecet the share icon at the top-right:

share icon

Syncing files across devices

The Earth Defenders Toolkit device also comes bundled with an application to synchronize files between two or more computers and mobile devices.

You can use it to backup important data from your computer or phone to the Offline Toolkit device, or sync the latest content from the Earth Defenders Toolkit Online Cloud to your device, whenever Internet is available.

This application is protected and to be used only by project coordinators.


Learn more

To dive deeper into the Local Community Cloud refer to the full documentation. It's specially important for project coordinators to learn how to properly protect community data through administrator accounts and passwords.